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Candle Care: Love at First Burn

Lighting a candle for the first time is something like the rush you get from a new love; butterflies in your stomach, nervous anticipation, blushing warmth, pure joy. At least it is for me! I want you to share that love with your Green Scents candles. So, here are my top tips for candle care.

Give it time to burn.

Just like a good romance, souffle or holiday, you shouldn't rush the first burn of your candle. When you're lighting that bad boy the first time, make sure the wax melts across the ENTIRE surface, and up to the sides of the container (like in the image to the left). This will make sure that your flame doesn't 'tunnel' down the wax, leaving icky bits stuck to the sides! It will create an even burn for your candle's life.

This process could take up to two to four hours, so stick with it and give your new candle the love it deserves.

Keep that wick trim.

This is especially important if you have a candle with clear glass. Why, you ask? Because if your wick is longer than 6 mm when you light it, things will get real sooty, real fast! Untrimmed wicks can also lead to what's referred to as 'mushrooming' in your wicks, and this can cause overheating and an uneven burn in your candle. So, remember to keep those wicks trim before lighting.

Also, super important! Wait until the wax is set again, before trimming wicks.

Keep it clean.

Speaking of soot, it's purely aesthetic and the even better news, is that it's very easy to clean. Safety first: blow out a burning candle and wait for the wax to set and the container to cool.

Now you can safely handle the glass! Use this time to clean out any debris you can see on the surface of the wax, such as match heads and dropped pieces of wick. Trim your wick, wipe the inside of the glass with a damp cloth, and you're good to light your candle again!

Don't burn it all the way.

This is the hardest piece of my own advice to swallow! I know it's tempting, but please don't attempt to burn your candle all the way to the bottom of the glass. Your candle needs at least a 10 mm of wax left in the container, so if there's less remaining, please don't light it!

This is because without a solid base of wax below the heat of the flame, your glass could crack and fly off in any old direction! Another bummer: you can't bring your vessel back for a refill...! 😉

Know when to re-light.

Again, this is one of the tougher candle care tips to follow! But like all good things, you should know when to call it and start over, before more damage is done. If your candle is burning efficiently, the flame won'e flicker, it will appear teardrop-shaped and burn upright. You need to extinguish the flame if the candle is smoking, or not burning properly.

Let the wax cool, trim the wick, then check for drafts before re-lighting!

So, there's my top five tips for caring for your candles. I hope you can get a long and loving life out of your favourite candles now. Just remember they also need to be set down away from drafty spaces, as this can diminish the heat of the flame, or encourage an uneven burn too. You won't get as long a life out of your candle, and the scent throw won't be as strong either.


There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

~Edith Wharton

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